Who We Service

Yacht Marble Restoration in South Florida

Just Call Classic, Inc., has been servicing Yachts’ natural stone surfaces since 1997. In addition to covering the entire territory of Southeast Florida, we have traveled to the Bahamas, Aruba, and several US states for marble and natural stone polishing and cleaning aboard many Superyachts.

We are only as good as our last job – and in the small world of Superyachts we stand alone. We service all builds of luxury yachts and superyachts, such as: Feadship, Lurssen, Trinity, Derecktors, Delta, Broward Christinsen, Amels, Blohm+Voss, Fincantieri Yachts, Heesen, Oceanco, Nobiskrug and Sunseeker Yachts

When working on a Yacht, you want it to always look its best. This is especially true if you have marble inside the heads (bathrooms), countertops in salons, or a stone galley and bar tops. Keeping marble and stone surfaces clean and sparkling can be extremely difficult, even for the most experienced yacht crews – that’s where we come in.

Marble Restoration on Superyachts and Yachts

The typical areas of natural stone on these yachts that always need attention are: Vanities, Showers, Foyers, Bars (interior & exterior), and staircases.
We are familiar with all natural stones, including: Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Serpentine, and Quartzite.
Just Call Classic, Inc., will be happy to assist you in your stone needs as well as provide marble cleaning education for you and your crew to utilize for daily and intensive cleaning solutions.

Marble Inside Heads (bathrooms): Vanities, Floors, Tubs, and Showers

Marble and stone inside of bathrooms and other such areas are some of the most difficult areas to keep clean. This is because the stone in such areas is more susceptible to getting stains and scratches simply due to everyday usage.

How often have you been in the restroom, and you absentmindedly place your items on the countertop by the sink, or you harmlessly splash the marble around the sink with water? Although these seem quite harmless, they can be extremely damaging to your marble and stone tops. This can be even more damaging when it’s one of the Calcareous stones, which tend to stain much easier. (Scroll down to learn about different types of stones/marble)

To combat this, it’s important to first identify the types of stains. They will mostly be such things like Water spots and rings, as well as some inorganic stains from things like soaps or shampoos in the showers and baths. To take these out, make sure to do proper multiple treatments with a stone stain remover, or a marble polishing powder, although we recommend seeking service from a yacht marble restoration specialist to ensure you don’t further damage the stone irreversibly.

Marble and Stone Foyer Floors on Yachts

Dealing with stone foyer floors can be much simpler than working with your bathroom and vanity stones. Most stone foyers only deal with such things like major scratches and scuffs due to general wear and tear from people walking on it. Fortunately, most foyers are generally made with Siliceous stone. This means that the stone is a bit more resilient and less fragile than other stones, which is great for high traffic areas that may require a deeper cleaning or restoration.

You can use such things like Marble Polishing Powder and Etch Remover on the foyer floors, but it is always advised to coat the floor in a sealant. Depending if the foyer is directly linked to an open-air seaside face, it is always best to use an impregnator instead of a regular topical sealer. Either way, make sure to get a deep clean on the foyer floor to get all the scuffs and scrapes out. You can even use a Buffer to finish it all off, and keep it looking in tip-top shape. Don’t have the product, man power, or machinery? Our marble restoration and cleaning specialists will come to wherever your yacht is located in South Florida to make it easy for you.

Marble and Stone Galleys

Marble and Stone Galleys can be cleaned in much the same way as the Foyer Floors, although they may need a deeper cleaning. Utilizing a combination of buffing, sealing, and hard solutions, we’ll clean the entire granite, marble, or stone with a deep cleaning, stain removing solution. From there, if you have Siliceous Stone, we’ll use a strong buffer or abrasive cleansers. Keep in mind we have years of experiencing handling sensitive or damaged stone and apply the perfect balance of gentle buffing and cleaning to restore your yacht’s marble to shine like new.

Marble and Stone Bars

With marble and stone tabletops and bar tops, the most dangerous thing that you can end up dealing with are organic stains. These can generally come from items such as coffee, tea, food, tobacco, and other such items. For optimal stain removing results, it’s best to call us as soon as possible once you catch the stain early on. This may save you a lot of hassle and trouble. However, if left alone for a long time, our marble restoration experts have the knowledge and equipment to minimize and remove the stain as best as possible. We want to preserve and revive damaged stone as much as you don’t want to replace the entirety of the piece. It’s our passion!

Interior Stone and Exterior Stone

When dealing with interior stone or exterior stone, the main factor that affects marble damage or erosion is the amount of acids that the stone may encounter. With interior stone, the stones, markings, and problems can generally be subdued and minimalized with careful cleaning. On the contrary, exterior stone, such as walls and bars, if left uncleaned, untreated, or simply not given the proper maintenance attention, may require hard stone stain removers along with a mixture of different buffs to get the deep stains and scuffs or markings out of the stone. Contact our trusted professional marble restoration company to help revive this sensitive area. We can work with you to ensure your stone will get cleaned up without having to replace it. We know your superyacht is your pride and joy, and marble is ours!