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Pool Deck Stone Maintenance

Fun in the sun is always better with a place to go for a swim, and what better way to complement your lovely pool than with an equally lovely stone deck! Natural stone is elegant and enchanting and adds to the surrounding beauty of your pool. The blue water reflects beautifully off of the natural crystals embedded in many natural stones.

But to keep those crystals shining, you have to know your surface and no one knows natural stones better than the experts at Just Call Classic. Contact us for a free quote!

Pool Deck Stone Maintenance

Taking care of your pool deck stone is just as important as maintaining your pool. With natural stone, when it is outdoors and exposed to all of the weather elements, maintenance is necessary. Some stones, such as limestone, may crack in cold weather, and others, such as bluestone, may fare much better against the elements.

Performing regular professional maintenance on your pool deck will ensure that your stone receives great care and that you are provided with tips and instructions to care for the stone on your own, in between the professional’s visits. If you use some cleaning agents on certain stones, you run the risk of damaging the stone and ruining its integrity, beauty, and longevity.

At Home Care

Speaking of longevity, your natural stone on your pool deck will need some TLC on your part at home to ensure that you get the most life out of it. Using natural products to clean your pool deck is the best way to go, because some stones do react poorly to harsh chemicals and cleaning products.

When a stone is on the softer or more porous side, they tend to be more fragile because they have the ability to absorb more than other stones that are harder in consistency. As always, upkeep will provide you with years and years of beautiful pool deck stone that is like new!

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