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Residential Stone Polishing for Homes

Boosting the appearance of your home, no matter how large or small, with natural stone is a game changer. Stone has the ability to transform any home from drab to elegant. Natural stone can be used for floors, counters, walls, and other structures within the home for a sophisticated and classy vibe.

Inside your home, the natural stone of your choice will be sealed in addition to either honed or polished for a luxurious shine. However, it will then truly be up to you to protect your investment and to provide the regular cleaning and professional servicing that it requires to maintain it.

Residential Stone Polishing

So, why should you polish the natural stone within your home? Your stone is gorgeous, elaborate, and has a beautiful color tone and pattern. It may have some classy shine to it, which is best restored and refreshed with regular professional polishing.

Polishing also provides a protective coat and will help to prevent immediate soil absorption.

Kitchen Stone Polishing

Kitchen countertops are absolutely stunning with natural stone that can vary to include onyx, granite, quartzite and marble to name a few. Even though natural stone is strong and durable, it is not advisable to use as a cutting board. Certain natural stones don’t scratch and chip as easily as other materials for your countertop, but can still face wear and tear like any other surface.

Your countertop will need to be polished or honed professionally from time to time to keep it looking pristine, and to keep stains from permeating the surface and damaging it.

Bathroom Stone Polishing

Stone is extremely popular in your bathroom shower, counters, and floor! In the bathroom, soap scum and buildup can become a hassle and can steal away the luster from your stone. Make sure to only use “stone safe” products for personal upkeep.

You must regularly wipe down the stone and use a squeegee to keep the stone in your shower dry to eliminate moisture damage. Having your stone polished will help to ward away the soap scum and keep it looking fresh.

Living Room Stone Polishing

A natural stone living room floor is breathtaking. When the light hits a freshly polished floor, it reflects beautifully. However, a living room is a high-traffic area and dirt can damage or be absorbed into the stone. Frequent foot traffic or scrapes from moving furniture can cause chips and abrasions in your stone as well.

With regular polishing services, and regular cleaning with products that are safe for your stone, you can keep your stone floor looking brand new. In between professional cleaning and polishing, you can use a gentle cloth or microfiber broom to clean any surface dirt and daily wear and tear.

Dining Room Stone Polishing

Dining rooms are areas where chairs will be slid around and spills happen, especially with kids and guests at the dinner table. Proactivity is certainly the best way to make sure that serious damage does not ensue when spills and messes happen. By having your stone in your dining room regularly polished, you are protecting your investment and ensuring that your stone will shine beautifully for years to come.

If a spill does happen on your stone, be sure to act quickly and blot the area right away with an absorbent towel to prevent further spread. Also – make sure to use felt under your chair legs to prevent abrasion.

Bedroom Stone Polishing

Just like in your living room, natural stone in your bedroom is a luxury. When the morning light shines through your bedroom window and hits the crystals in the stone, your floor sparkles, lighting up the room.

When a chip or a stain happens in your room, it is upsetting. However, with regular polishing, you can maintain the flawless beauty of your stone with minimal effort.

In between professional servicing with Just Call Classic, you will want to make sure you are regularly cleaning any dirt or debris off of the floor. Especially if you have pets, you will want to be diligent with your daily care!

For all polishing needs, you can ALWAYS contact Just Call Classic.

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