Travertine Marble
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Travertine Cleaning & Polishing in South Florida

Just Call Classic, Inc., is a marble cleaning company that has been “Cleaning” and polishing Travertine and other natural stone surfaces throughout southeast Florida for nearly 2 decades. Travertine needs professional cleaning every so often. If not properly maintained – erosion and irreparable damage will occur.

Travertine natural stone is a form of Limestone.

Most often travertine is formed by mineral-rich hot springs. Gas bubbles become trapped in the core of the material and create a pitted surface on the stone. These appear in the form of holes, or pores.

These holes can be filled with different substances to give it a solid look, which is less prone to rapid soiling. A filled travertine is more commonly found inside homes, and an un-filled state is more commonly found in patios and pool-decks (for better traction).

Travertine, in general, tends to attract dirt which makes it harder to keep clean. All of those little holes and pores absorb grit, dirt and liquids. This is why regular marble polishing services are necessary to help clean, preserve, and maintain your stone. Call Just Call Classic, Inc., for your free estimate – or send us an email!

Additionally, travertine is a calcareous stone. It is very reactive to acid and alcohol-based liquids, commonly found in household items such as alcohol & wine, citric acid, vinegar, and many cleaning products. These types of acids will create etch-marks (commonly referred to as “water-marks”) and will leave dull impressions, spots, and rings on the stone’s surface.

What else is Travertine used for?

Since travertine stone is cut in all different sizes, from small mosaic squares, to 36″ long tiles, to huge slabs, it is used for many architectural items, such as: walls, kitchen backsplashes, vanities, countertops, sinks, floors, mosaics, columns, statues, fireplace surrounds, tub surrounds, and end tables.

Despite its susceptibility to etching, stains, and scratches, travertine is used for kitchen countertops, bars and bathroom vanities. Do your own research and consider your particular “lifestyle” before using any stone in your kitchen and bathroom-areas.

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