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Adding marble to any South Florida home, restaurant, or commercial space certainly brings a level of beauty and class. Maintaining and cleaning the marble that’s been installed can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Knowing which marble and stones can be cleaned by certain products and chemicals can make or break the look of your marble. Some stones have a negative reaction to harsh chemicals, while others need the gentlest cleansers applied, followed by a tedious buffing and polishing process.

For homeowners, restaurant owners and even yacht owners, Just Call Classic offers marble cleaning services that far surpass the competition. Using the knowledge and experience gained from well over a decade of marble cleaning and polishing work, Classic Marble is sure to be your go-to marble cleaning company.

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As marble polishing and cleaning experts here in the South Florida and Naples area, we understand that simple accidents and normal everyday wear can damage your marble surfaces. We’ve seen everything from burn marks left behind by hot pots to etching caused by using the wrong cleaner, and when you use our marble restoration services, we can remove any signs of that damage with our marble cleaning and polishing process.

At Just Call Classic, we take pride in providing the best possible marble cleaning and polishing services here in South Florida. For more information or to receive a FREE custom marble cleaning and polishing quote, contact us today!

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