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Terrazzo Cleaning & Polishing in South Florida

Just Call Classic, Inc., is a marble cleaning company that has been “Cleaning” and polishing Terrazzo and other natural stone surfaces throughout southeast Florida for 27 years. Terrazzo needs professional cleaning every so often. If not properly maintained – erosion and irreparable damage will occur.

Terrazzo is a very common choice for newly-constructed commercial properties and can also be found in older homes built from the 1930s through the 1970s. It is even making a comeback in newer contemporary residences in the form of tiles and with unique forms of aggregate, such as seashells, glass, and other hard materials. Generally speaking it is unique in its colors and inlaid randomized patterns.

Terrazzo Uses

Terrazzo is most common in commercial applications, but is gaining popularity in homes, often as tiles with newfound aggregate additions like glass, shells, coral, and more. It is commonly used for lobby flooring in public buildings, such as school and government offices. Many homes in Florida that were built in the 1950s and 1960s used terrazzo flooring due to its constant cool temperature and resistance to mold and mildew. Recently terrazzo is being used in new construction and decorative homes for staircases, walls, and countertops, offering distinctive colors and unique patterns that homeowners are embracing in their new home designs. It is relatively easy to clean, but does need periodic professional maintenance.

Terrazzo can be poured in place or prefabricated and precast for use in a variety of applications. Cement or epoxy is used as the binder modern terrazzo which features chips of marble, quartz, granite, coral, shell, glass, or other appropriate materials. After being combined, the surface is polished to create the beautiful glossy appearance. Divider strips (zinc, plastic, brass, or aluminum) help divide sections, allowing for the movement needed to avoid cracking, as well as color transitions or custom designs.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Terrazzo

Like most flooring and countertops, terrazzo is fairly easy to clean though it does require a certain level of care to maintain. Most often periodic professional maintenance is recommended. Here is what you need to know:

With hard surface flooring, terrazzo needs to be regular sweeping and dust-mopping to remove abrasive dirt and grit, which can damage the surface.

For cleaning, terrazzo surfaces need pH-neutral cleaners rather than harsh chemicals or alcohol-laden cleaners, both of which can damage the polished finish.

When spills happen, wipe quickly with a clean cloth. Using a dry clean cloth will help prevent damage which can result in deterioration of the terrazzo. If needed, clean the surface as need with warm water or your favorite pH-neutral cleaning product.

As with most surfaces, it is important to know, not only how to clean, but also how to use the surface effectively without damaging it. For flooring, having guests remove shoes before entering can help, but it is not always practical in commercial situations. Instead install floor mats at entryways, so guests can wipe their footwear removing grit and grime which could damage the terrazzo flooring. On countertops, scratching the surface or damaging the finish is a concern, so you should avoid placing metal pots and pans directly on your terrazzo countertops. Taking these simple precautions will help you keep your terrazzo looking great well into the future and avoid damage that requires restoration.

Restoration and Repair of Your Terrazzo Surfaces

Like other stone surfaces, repairing chips and cracks in terrazzo can be challenging. If your terrazzo surfaces need to be restored or repaired, we recommend:

  • Analyzing the damage
  • Determining the appropriate aggregate needed for repair
  • Checking the color is matched with an epoxy resin and applied to ensure the proper match, dimension, type, and color.

Given the steps in the terrazzo restoration process, you will want to choose experienced and trusted professionals to ensure proper restoration and repair without further damage. The team of professionals at Just Call Classic, Inc. are well-trained and will find the proper solution to your unique situation, perform the needed repairs, and restore your terrazzo to its original beauty.

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