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Balcony Stone Maintenance

Natural stone on balconies is both trendy and practical. Aesthetically, stone adds a charm and elegance to your balcony, turning a very plain outdoor space into a fabulous area. Many stones last well outdoors, but some factors do come into play. For certain stones, more maintenance will be necessary.

Balcony Stone Maintenance

Balconies are outdoors and exposed to the elements. Some stones, like limestone, may crack in extreme weather conditions. Others, like granite, can really endure it all fairly well.

However, each stone has a slightly different maintenance requirement. Upkeep and proper cleaning is a must. If you use the wrong cleaning product on your stone on the balcony, you run the risk of potentially damaging it.

With professional help, you can be sure to provide your stone the best upkeep and maintenance to help to keep it looking fresh and new for many years to come.

At Home Care

When all is said and done, no matter how often you have the professionals maintain your stone, maintaining its beautiful condition falls back on you and what you do at home to keep it clean and pristine. Using natural products on your balcony is always best, as harsh chemicals can sometimes damage the stone or break the seal. Believe it or not, sometimes, on very soft or porous stones, even vinegar can harm natural stone.

Always do your research and ask a professional before using a certain cleaning agent. Keeping your balcony as dry as possible will also aid in maintaining it. You may wish to consider an overhang if you do not already have one. All in all, most natural stones are durable and fit to withstand normal inflictions from the outdoors. Keep up with the upkeep!

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