Common Stone Problems and Issues

Most natural stones are quite hard and sturdy. In fact, stones such as granite, marble, and limestone are often selected during construction for their durability. They will endure mostly anything and will last you forever—assuming you maintain them properly.

Each stone has different characteristics and properties that can bring on different issues more strongly than others. It is important that you understand the most common issues that can occur with natural stone, as these problems can sometimes lead to permanent damage.


When acidic liquid spills onto or contacts with a stone surface, a dull spot usually remains in your stone. This is commonly known as etching and is a surface erosion of the stone itself.

Typically, travertine, marble, onyx, and limestone are known to have the largest reaction to acid which leads to etching. It is important that you are always careful to keep anything acidic away from your stone, including cleaners that contain acids.


Most commonly, dirt and debris can become embedded within your stone and may lead to it yellowing. Soap buildup may also lead to a waxy, yellow discoloration on your countertop.

With age, certain types of natural stone may begin to turn yellow due to iron oxidizing within it. This oxidation is usually seen most in marble. To prevent yellowing, keep your stone as clean as possible and make sure it is sealed properly.

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