Designed Marble Floor View

Before & After

We have cleaned, polished, repaired, and restored marble floors for homes and a variety of commercial properties throughout the South Florida area. Check out some before and after pictures of our natural stone, marble, and terrazzo floor restoration projects.

Worn polished travertine floor refinished to a honed finish and sealed
Dull limestone floor restored to a new polished and reflective finish
Terrazzo floor restoration – from dirty and dull to deep cleaned and highly polished
Tiles were removed, exposed highly damaged terrazzo floor. we repaired and refinished
Traffic-worn travertine floor restored to a new polished luster
Saturnia floor restoration: deep-clean, fill holes, and refinish to shine
Saturnia floor deep-cleaned and then refinished to a gloss
Travertine floor that was previously honed is not refinished to a polished sheen
Limestone floor deep cleaning and seal
Versace Mansion’s Pool – We deep-cleaned to remove soil, sun and salt erosion; then sealed
Marble Vanity – Marble restoration to remove large dull etch mark
Marble staircase extensive repair and resurfacing
Onyx bathroom vanity broken edge was rebuilt with epoxy and restored