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The importance of restoring and cleaning Marble Surfaces

Just Call Classic, Inc., is the top leader in Marble Restoration and Cleaning services. A company that has been “Cleaning” and polishing marble and other natural stone surfaces throughout southeast Florida for nearly 2 decades. Marble needs professional cleaning every so often. If not properly maintained – erosion and irreparable damage will occur.

Will Marble Require Professional Maintenance?

Since marble is a calcite-based stone it will etch very easily and appear to have dull spots as a result of most spills. These marks will typically arise if the stone is used in a “wet” or “product heavy” area, such as a kitchen or bathroom. An etch-mark is an abrasion on the surface that will appear dull and may sometimes be slightly rough to-the-touch. Don’t worry though… Just Call Classic, Inc., can restore the original sheen through one of our many processes; sometimes only polishing will suffice.

We will also help to educate you on proper daily cleaning methods and products, as well as spill cleanup solutions.

Eventually your marble will also start to lose its sheen and may even discolor. Foot-traffic and constant abrasion in your common areas will contribute to this. At this time professional refinishing (restoration) will be necessary. This is another task for the professional to take on, usually with a wet and dust-free process call Diamond Grinding or Diamond Honing.

Sealing your marble is also very helpful in the fight against stains. A stain is an acute discoloration left behind after a product or liquid penetrated the surface. They are stubborn and at times impossible to get out. Just Call Classic, Inc., will offer you solutions for stain-removal.

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