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Natural Stone Sealing in South Florida

Just Call Classic, Inc., specializes not only in marble polishing and restoration, but also stain prevention. Sealing your natural stone and terrazzo will help to prevent staining and discolorations from becoming a permanent part of your stone surface.

We provide natural stone sealing services for a variety of surfaces in commercial and residential buildings and yachts, including floors and countertops. If your marble needs to be natural stone sealing, you can trust Just Call Classic, Inc., to return it to its former glory. Call us today at 954-578-3600 for a free estimate.

Benefits of Sealants for Natural Stones

o prevent stains and discoloration on stone surfaces that receive a lot of traffic, the professional team at Classic Marble can apply protective sealants.

Sealants Assist with Repelling Stains

Customers often want to know the benefits of natural stone sealing before hiring us for this important service. Depending on the chemicals we use for natural stone sealing, the marble or granite can repel water, salt, or dirt to prevent cracks and chips.

For decks around an outdoor swimming pool, our clients may want a sealant that resists ultraviolet light or stains from grass. Alternatively, for stone countertops in a kitchen, a sealant that repels oily food substances is a better choice.

Sealants Help to Prevent Discoloration & Chips

Marble sealing in a home is especially important because this is a soft stone that is marred easily with everyday wear and tear. Topical over-the-counter sealing products are ineffective in high traffic areas such as entranceways. This is why we use commercial sealants along with quality equipment to prevent stains and discoloration along with chips on natural stone surfaces in a building.

Outdoor Stone Sealing Services in South Florida

If you own outdoor marble, it is crucial for it to be sealed in order for it to retain its beauty. The stone that is exposed to natural elements such as pollen can degrade quickly. It can easily become stained and discolored. That is why it is important to have stone sealing services on a regular basis. We offer premium quality outdoor stone sealing services that will keep your marble or other natural stone looking brand new!

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