Shower Stone
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Shower Stone Maintenance

Using natural stone in your shower is popular and trendy. It helps to turn a room, intended for utilitarian purposes, into a gorgeous oasis. When deciding which type of natural stone to choose, many things come into play, most importantly, the maintenance your natural stone will need to undergo.

The Maintenance

When stone is in the shower, it will get wet and all stone in a wet environment will require upkeep and proper cleaning. If you don’t, you will be left with dirty grout, moldy finishes, discoloration, and possibly deterioration. Use the wrong cleaning agent, and you could compromise the stone.

Sometimes, your stone will require professional help, including resealing to ensure that its water-fighting ability is still strong. In other cases, your shower stone may truly benefit from being polished or honed every now and then to keep up the luster and shine.