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Lighthouse Point is a small, but popular area within eastern Broward County. It sits three miles south of Deerfield Beach and 35 miles north of the Miami area. Before Lighthouse Point was incorporated, that area was full of mangroves and farmland. Now, the area is largely residential.

Lighthouse Point is only 2.4 square miles, with 4.58% of that being water. The city of Lighthouse Point was actually named after the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. A little over 11k people reside in the city. The median household income is estimated to be around $81,857.

Demographically speaking, Lighthouse Point is fairly diverse. It is a great area for tourists, as there are many resorts and beach areas. The city, while small, has many restaurants and local attractions. The lifestyle in Lighthouse Point is considered to be quite laid back and leisurely.

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Areas We Service Within Lighthouse Point

  • Bell Lighthouse Point
  • Lighthouse Point Gardens
  • Lighthouse Point Plaza
  • Point East
  • Palm Aire at Coral Key
  • Venetian Park
  • Lighthouse Point Beach Club
  • Lighthouse Colony
  • Linden Pointe
  • Hampton House

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