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Cayman islands marble restoration

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. The country took its name from the ridge known as the Cayman Rise, which is a series of massive underwater elevations of land, the tallest of which are home the Cayman Islands. Located due south of Cuba, east of Mexico, and west of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands has a tropical marine climate making it a perfect getaway for seaside escapes and oceanfront escapades.

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Just Call Classic Inc. repairs and revitalizes your floors the natural way. We start by cleaning your floors with stone-friendly cleaners in preparation for the project. Then we go through with an orbital sander removing years of damage from the surface. This step in the process is the longest, as multiple pass throughs are needed, with increased resistance grains of diamond pads. After the damage is removed, we buff the floor, and work in polishing compounds into the stone, giving your Cayman Islands marble polishing that sought after twinkle.

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